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Healthy Frozen Berries is our Mission

All our growers aim for the very best quality and the finest flavour. They use these qualities as the basis for which varieties they select to grow.
We do not aim for short term relationships, but rather to forge enduring and close relationships with our growers. For it is thanks to their commitment, expertise and skills that we can respond to the demands of our customers by supplying the top quality fruit.

  • Keeping close contact with the growers.
  • Producing and selling products in accordance with current quality and health norms statutes and regulations.
  • Producing in accordance with standards of quality certification systems such as HACCP, GAP.
  • Certifying that the products are GMO free.
  • Following environment regulations, laws and approved practice
  • Controlling the amount of additives and pesticides


About AgroAurora

Our main business is supply healthy Frozen Berries worldwide.

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Quality Frozen Berries

Agroaurora is focused on supplying consistent quality.

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